> spectacles

Schmoop at Yaquina Head
Oregon coast at sunset
Oregon coast
The "guys" overlooking Newport harbor
Mt. Hood
Everyone at Timberline Lodge
Little man Sal
Sal tub diving
The girls in fairyland
Willamette river via the lightrail on Burnside Bridge
Schmoopie at Pioneer Square
Sal with bubbly
Boofis with lost tooth #2
Sal and VP
The grumpy elephant
The happy dragon
The somewhat indifferent blue witch
The pumpkin family 2006
Smiling Sal
Mystic sunset
Schmoop on the trail
Trees and Mist
Breakers on Cape Lookout
Expedition Party
Trying not to smile
More Sal
The winner
Too big
Too green
Smiles on the boat ride to the pumpkin patch
More boatride smiles
Schmoopie at the petting farm
Horsetail Falls
Geared up
Leaf cannon
Schmoopie in the leaves
Leaves away
On the trail to Punchbowl Falls
Trail nap
Veep and Schmoop
Springwater drips
Thirsty boys
Sal at Timothy Lake
Sal and sand