hearing aid

  • Matt and Kim -

    Matt and Kim: Grand
    Brooklyn duo that reminds me of Mates of State (only she plays drums, he plays piano, and their music is better). I made the mistake of listening to the track "don't slow down" while bombing down some single track the other day... Solid and catchy from beginning to end, though the songs all sound a little similar. (****)

  • Dawn Landes -

    Dawn Landes: Dawn's Music
    Low-fi post punk accordion noise pop with a cherry center. (***)

  • I'm from Barcelona - Who Killed Harry Houdini?

    Who Killed Harry Houdini?
    I'm from Barcelona: Who Killed Harry Houdini?

    Sophomore effort is more murky and mysterious, but still enjoyable and light. Ophelia needs a bicycle. (***)

  • The Slip -

    The Slip: Eisenhower
    Wilco with more soul, if you can believe it. Hailing from Boston, I saw them play Sasquatch in 2007. They made it there after a monster 24 hour plus drive the night before. Ever the musician, I witnessed Brad Barr jamming on his lonely guitar sitting on the back of a moving van in a field late that night after their set. Another golden music moment. I still see legions of "Guitar Heroes" every time I hear "Even Rats." (****)

  • The Cool Kids -

    The Cool Kids: Bake Sale
    This is the music the Beasties would have made if they were black and rode low rider bicycles. But they don't, so they didn't, so the Cool Kids had to. (***)

  • Mates of State -

    Mates of State: Re-arrange Us
    I like drums. There are some pretty good drums on this album, though their last one may have been better. Husband and wife team--drums and keyboard. (***)

  • Frightened Rabbit -

    Frightened Rabbit: The Midnight Organ Fight
    I've been listening to this quite a bit lately. A little poppy with a Scottish accent every once in a while. Pretty good. (***)

  • Operation Ivy -

    Operation Ivy: Energy
    So, invigorated by the last entry, I strolled further down memory lane to this little gem. CJ3 knows what I'm talkin' bout. As good as I remember. (*****)

  • B.A.D. -

    B.A.D.: This is big audio dynamite
    I don't know why I got the urge to hunt this album down on rhapsody and drop it on my mp3 player but I did, and I kind of liked it while skiing the other day. I think I'll keep it for awhile. Mick Jones was cool beyond the 1980's. (***)

  • Eels -

    Eels: Blinking Lights and other Revelations
    New to me, this is a double CD from about two years back with a mix of downbeat and soulful songs by "E" Everett. Regarded as a landmark album, I think it will probably be a 5 star after a few more listens. (****)

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May 12, 2008



ummmh interesting lists. NPR pledge drives are especially annoying! when a good program is interrupted!


Especially annoying is the verify you comment section before a comment can be posted to your blog!!!!!!


My pet peeves today are: M. not showing up when he said that he would. Our house smells funky and I cant figure it out. My fear is that there is a dead body under the floor boards.
Today's likes so far: You actually giving me a comment on my blog for the first time. Ansel talking to himself while he is cleaning the kitchen. I opened some windows and I hear so many birds.


I like comments too, so I guess I should leave you one every now and then. I like cookies, shoes and chickens, but I don't think any of those things are unknown to anyone who knows me. I also dislike NPR pledge drives, and I also dislike rappers who rap about all the money they have.


I really like Rice Krispy treats. I have gone through a few phases in my life where I totally forget about how wonderful they are and how easy they are to make, and then I rediscover them and am still amazed. I am also enjoying wearing capris and a short sleeved shirt today and that I woke up to the sounds of birds. Receiving comments on the blog is always high up there on the list as I'm sure it is for just about everyone. Pacman will always be my favorite video game. Or Mrs. Pacman. I'm not picky.

I also dislike a lot of those sayings you have up there. I also dislike it when people say, "thank you much." It just seems grammatically incorrect. Please just put the word "very" in there for me. And ever since I learned that it's grammatically incorrect to say, "I'm nausous" (Correct way: "I am nauseated"), it makes me cringe just a little. Just a little. I don't get all hoity toity and correct people.:-)


Things I like (to do) are mowing the grass on my John Deere riding mower, seeing new vegetables sprouting and growing in my garden, receiving emails from China, and observing my accounting students learn new concepts.

Things I don't like are rude people, tattoos on people, and those annoying pop up ads when I'm on the Internet.


Man! I wish you would have told me this sooner. I cruised around london with my camera in my fanny pack and said "Cheers!" to everyone I passed on the River Thames parkway...ok, not really.


fanny packs. bring back the fanny pack. I'd have to agree w/ all of these, how about watching a skate video while eating pepperoni pizza. Nice job fishing for comments on the blog :) I totally get that too.


Your blog and comments gave me chuckle!

Things I like: finding funny blogs.

Things I don't like: people who say "just kidding" all the time.

Cheers! (Just kidding.)

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