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February 10, 2009



Just glad to see you are back posting. Seems there is always something better we would like to have, but don't really need. I am learning like my point and shoot Nikon. Photoshop Elements really improves some of my photos! Glad I took your advice about the camera.


I wish you could have been here for New Years and you could have played around with my D80. It fulfills a lot of the requirements that you'd like to improve upon. But you know, skipping up to a D300 wouldn't hurt, either.;-)


I saw a D90 yesterday and it was a discounted (30% off) floor model. Hmmm. I can only imagine how many ribbons you'd have with a D200. ;)


i definitely have seen lot's of evidence [on flickr] on the point, that what camera you have, does not mean you take 'good' photo's or 'bad'. it really does come down to you deciding to/have the skill/artistic vision, to use what you have.

i'm guessing the d300 is around the same level as the canon d40/d50. and yes, i'd like one of those. for most of the same reasons.

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