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December 03, 2008



I would have voted for you to be the chairman. That is where the power is.....use it. Wake these dodos up and get them on the right track. I hope you can do something about your HOA. Usually these are people who want everyone else to obey the rules, but they need the exceptions for themselves to be happy! Fight back!!!!


We've had issues with our builder developing a parcel at the end of our culdesac, breaking a 20 acre lot into smaller lots in order to build 4 houses--after his representative used the fact that the lots around us couldn't be broken into smaller parcels. Irony. Of course the availability of water is a much more serious matter. Drilling deeper ain't cheap. Luckily we are on good terms with our neighbors who all hate our builder (they're builder too). CC&Rs are interesting things.

John Deere

Wow, I never thought my own son would get involved in politics, but way to go1! Sounds as if you have some real issues to deal with. I'm sure you will do well. Maybe you will be the next mayor of Wanship.

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