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May 20, 2007



I'd have to agree with you that Continental is a nice airline to fly with. Did they give you hot towels to wash your face and hands? I am finding that some airlines now offer nifty TVs for every seat that offer a bunch of movies, games, shows, and music (at least on transatlantic flights). Did you happen to have that?
I've tried those neck pillows, and I agree, they are totally useless. I've noticed that barely anyone actually uses them, so I think that's a sign...Mom bought one to take to China, but I made her return it since I knew it was just going to be wasted carry-on luggage space.
Lucky you that it wasn't warmer weather. Smelly pits could have really turned off your co-workers.:-)


WOW!! I have been clicking on to your blog all week and nothing of importance seemed to be happening Wanship! Then this morning I gave it another try, WOW!! What a trip! I am glad you made it to Europe. You are the only one to get to Ireland so far. Your world map should be looking good now. Glad you had a good time, maybe next time you will get to see more of the country.

Johndeere j

Your lost baggage reminds of a flight I took on Air West from Burbank to Tuscon via Phoenix. Because of a missed connection, I was stuck in Phoenix for a night with no baggage. When I asked about my baggage, the man said they had no idea where it could be, but not to worry - you will eventually get it. It caught up with me the next day in Tuscon.
Sounds like you had an interesting trip. Keep us updated.

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