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March 11, 2007


empty nest

Well, that's better, nature always makes us feel happier! Rocks are lovely.....we are still having cold weather, there was a somewhat feeble attempt at snow a week ago. Fortunately for me the rain won the day, but the cold air remains! Cupertino is near San Fran, which has overcast skys more than 65 days a year my dear!


I think if the only complaint you have after a demanding week is the color of the cubicle walls then you're doing well. Maybe you could suggest to management that they get interchangeable cubicle walls of different colors. Wouldn't that be fun? "I would like electric blue, celery green, fuschia, and black, no, make that chocolate brown." Maybe that's the real secret of the Cupertinoans - colorful cubicles to promote imagination.


I think you can add a music file to your blog entry using the insert file icon. If you need help, let me know. I've added music files to my blog entries before. I'd really like to hear your drum licks.


I would like to know if you did the multiple regression model on the cupertinoans and the redmondians, and what were the results.

Also I'd like to hear that 16th note rock groove with the nice syncopation.

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