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January 07, 2007



Wow! Sounds like a raging party. I didn't realize that we raised such party animals. I wish we could have been there, too especially for the Quiglier (sp) game!


I'd have to agree on the comment about us making the best use of soda and Mentos. Mr. P tried it again - I think after you guys left. He used a smaller bottle of soda and made a small hole in the lid, thus creating a geyser that reached about 5 1/2 - 6 feet. I think it's becoming a mild obsession for Mr. P.


What is your favorite color, or rather, what color scarf would match well with your wardrobe? Perhaps a simple black or navy blue? Gray? Any kind of yarn that you would prefer? Why didn't I think of that for your Christmas present? I'll make one for you to make up for not getting you the other drumming DVD:-)


To the dismay of both Mrs. D and Lucy, I have to say that most of my wardrobe includes some sort of blue, navy in particular. But you needn't knit a scarf unless there's a new stitch you're dying to try. ;-)

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